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Acrylic Prints

Talk about eye-catching! Acrylic prints so dazzling, contemporary and BRIGHT! If you’ve got a lot of light coming into the room these will stand out so beautifully. Punchy colours, brilliant shine, what more could you ask for?

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If you’re impressed by what you see here, the real treat is seeing one of these bad boys in person! Acrylic prints are a top-notch, striking way of showing off a fabulous image. The acrylic print floats off the wall for added depth and the shine of the metallic print under the acrylic surface really brings out the light in the print, making it look uber vibrant.

  • Acrylic prints are made with Kodak’s Professional Metallic photo paper. The face is then mounted to a sheet of speciality acrylic, before having an aluminium composite backing and floating hanger attached.
  • In-house production time is  10 business days for Acrylic Prints. Turn around times vary depending on the paper types or mounting options you may have selected within your order.
  • Images are printed ‘as-is’, so no colour corrections are applied. Colour correction is an optional service you can select in your shopping cart. If most images you are ordering are from professional photographers they will not need colour correction. If you’re ordering your own photographs, colour correction is advised.

You know you love us, your friends will too!

You know you love us, your friends will too!