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Metal Prints

Corporate office? Ultra-modern home? You know who you are and what you’re looking for – it’s smooth, sleek, minimalist and plays with the light juuuuuust right. For images that boast vivid colours and bright lights metal prints are the answer. Worth the price tag, they will be marvelled at by whomever enters your home!

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Our metal prints are the height of modern sophistication but that’s not all… If you live in a humid environment or want to hang something in a bathroom, this is your print. It floats off the wall with a smooth thin edge combining the best of shine and shadow. Made from aluminium and a whole lot of care, you’ll love this polished and refined product. Now, time to find just the right image to print onto metal…

  • Our Metal Prints are supplied ready to hang with a floating mount to give the image depth on the wall (approx 20mm).
  • Prints are very lightweight and can be cleaned with a micro fibre cloth.
  • Dye-sublimation print onto coated aluminium with 1/4 inch rounded corners.
  • In-house production time is 10 business days for Metal prints. Turn around times vary depending on the paper types or mounting options you may have selected within your order.
  • Images are printed ‘as-is’, so no colour corrections are applied. Colour correction is an optional service you can select in your shopping cart. If most images you are ordering are from professional photographers they will not need colour correction. If you’re ordering your own photographs, colour correction is advised.

You know you love us, your friends will too!

You know you love us, your friends will too!