Why you should print your photos

The simple answer is, because you must.

We take so many photos now, just think about the data. So many gigabytes of images sitting there in the cloud or on your hard drives. Different technologies can become obsolete, hard drives crash, phones get lost and it happens all the time. It’s risky business and quite frankly viewing images on screen is not the nicest way to enjoy those precious memories. Printed images last for hundreds of years. The paper used for your distant relatives is the same paper we use today, but better! See our post on why true photo paper


 You will look at them more often, it will feel good and future generations can enjoy them too.

Using albums or framing and displaying your photos means you’re picking out the best images so your not flicking through hundreds of images to see a few. This also means that your children get to enjoy your family photos too – not just the world of social media! Travel photos will engage passers by in wonderful conversation and the pride you feel from that magical shot you took can be relived over, and over. Printing photos demonstrates what is important to us and honours those that are in them.

Lets not forget that well printed photos look great! Lets do better at decorating our lives with something meaningful and give these memories the tangible existence they deserve!