Why TRUE photo paper?

Because it’s the best, and here’s why…

The photos you choose to print are the photos that will be held most dear in years to come. Quite frankly, isn’t that the point? To relive and cherish memories far into the future. Enjoy or be mortified by fashion choices of the past, astonish at genetic resemblances, get nostalgic? The images have to make it that far into the future with us. Unfortunately, the way things are going these days we’re often confronted with little choice and end up going for the cheap and nasty… 

Most labs and large big-name companies have moved away from traditional silver halide printing (darkroom process) to high volume inkjet and even press printers for the bulk of their services. We KNOW that these prints are made inferior to true photographic prints and are committed to providing only the best when it comes to quality and image permanence.


Image Quality

Image quality can vary greatly between press and inkjet technologies but true photo papers continuous tone and colour make it the rock star of the print world. True photo paper makes an image, not from dots but from dye clouds (how fun does that sound!) and this is what gives the print continuous tone and the professional quality you see when you compare the two. 


Image Permanence

Here’s the difference, they’ve tested true photographic prints against the cheap inkjet prints in standard home conditions after 20 years and the results were crazy! Inkjet and press deteriorated and faded significantly while true photo prints looked just as they did the day they were printed. In fact, true photo prints are said to last for more than 100 YEARS! If stored in optimum conditions, more than 200 YEARS!!!



The science is in the paper…

We could get into the specifics with you but Kodak has already done all the hard work for us and you can read more about it here. But let me break it down for you:

True Photographic Paper has a bunch of important layers.

The emulsion layers – the dyes are embedded here in gelatin. It protects the print from atmospheric pollutants. These layers also are what gives the image its continuous tone and true to life colours. 

A resin coating – on the front AND back of the print, this protects the photograph from scratches and physical damage – yes, please! 

The paper base – made from 100% renewable paper pulp and gives the paper that brilliant white base. 


So the science in the paper sets true photo paper apart from the rest in more ways than one. That’s what you’re getting when you order your prints through us… So, good on you for making the right choice. We know with our prints, your memories will outlive even you!